Alsagers Bank
Primary Academy

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

   Our School Dog    


My name is Bonnie and I am the Alsagers Bank Primary Academy dog. I am a 5 year old Golden Labrador and I live with Mrs Chell and her family. I have been working really hard learning how to be a school dog and I get so excited every time I come into school knowing that I get to see everybody and, of course, knowing I get a day full of fun and cuddles! It is an important job being a school dog as I am here to help the children to learn about:

Responsibility, remembering that I need to be fed and watered

Patience because I don’t always do as I’m told the first time BUT I’m still learning!

Compassion and learning about feelings and emotions

Socialisation by teaching the children how to interact with me as well as other dogs and humans/children

I also help the adults with lots of jobs and attend all of the really important meetings. Most of them are on the computer and I haven’t learned how to use the computer mouse yet so I just listen for now.

I have worked very hard to learn how to behave when I’m in school and knowing how to keep the little humans safe. I can’t wait to come in again and have lots more fun! (and work hard, of course)

I hope I get to meet you soon and if I already know you, I can’t wait to see you again!