Alsagers Bank
Primary Academy

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   Oak Class   

Welcome to our Class!

Our Teacher is Miss Hawley

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Hazeldine and Mrs Brayford

Important days:

Please read this notice about D&T on Monday. If your child wants to build Baby Bear's chair from cardboard and toilet roll they'll need to bring this in. Your child can choose from one of the options below. We have discussed this in class.

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P.E. is on Monday and Tuesday

Spellings and daily calculations are checked on Friday

Please see below for our Spring Term Overview

Spring Term Overview

Homework and extra information:

Homework will be posted weekly on our class Padlet just incase you forget or lose your book!

Any activities, songs or interactive learning games we do in school that we enjoy will also be posted on the padlet. 

Oak Class Padlet         

Look at what we've been up to!

In Science, we are investigating properties of materials. We are able to group different materials together and identify why different objects are made out of particular items. We will have a few exciting experiments coming up to test different properties of materials! We have also dipped into our plants topic - while the leaves and seeds are falling from the trees - and we're going to investigate whether we can help an acorn grow.


Here we are testing the absortbency of different materials to find the best one for a baby's nappy!


 In Geography, we have begun to explore the world using an Atlas. Our unit is 'continents and oceans'. We are amazing at naming the continents and showing where the oceans are. We have also learned about human and physical geography and identified these in different continents. Here we are locating the continents and labelling them on a map:


In RE, we began by thinking about why Christians care for the world. We started off by finding natural items and thought about how they were made and can be looked after, followed by creating art work with them. We have learned about the Christian story of creation and thought about what a Christian would do when faced with a nature problem.

This half term we are learning more about the Christmas story and why Jesus is so special to Christians.


In Art, we are working towards creating an artwork of Alsagers Bank in the style of Piet Mondrian. So far, we have learned about the Primary and Secondary colours, all about Piet Mondrian's life and how to draw with a ruler.



In D&T, we began with a focus on mechanisms. After designing and material choice we made our own Ferris Wheels! This next half term we will be looking at food and nutrition and making our own healthy wraps!



In History, we are thoroughly enjoying learning all about the Titanic. We are amazing at retaining all the facts we have learned so far! 


In Computing we have explored what a computer really is - its parts, and how inputs and outputs work. We are now developing our knowledge of programming. We will be creating algorithms and debugging code using the program Scratch Jr.


In PE, we are continuing a focus on ball skills in our 'sending and receiving' unit  and we are also learning about our inner strength in our yoga unit.