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   History             Subject Leader - Miss H Hawley

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History Intent, Implementation and Impact  History Progression of Skills History Progression of Vocabulary History KS1 Long Term Plan History KS2 Long Term Plan 

History in EYFS & KS1:


In EYFS, children will learn about the past and present, and how things change over time through their 'Understanding the World' area of learning. In Birch class they are looking after a caterpillar to see how it changes into a butterfly! At the beginning of the term we all planted beautiful flowers and plants, I wonder how they will look when the seasons change?

Willow Y1

In the Autumn term, Willow class learned all about the history of transport and explored the enquiry question 'Which transportation changed the UK the most?' Each time they delved into a new mode of transportation they added it to their own transport timeline.

This term, Willow class will be learning all about Kings and Queens looking into the enquiry questions 'How has the role of the Monarchy changed over time?

Oak Y2

In the Autumn term, Oak class sunk into the past learning all about the Titantic and discussed the enquiry question 'Who was to blame for the sinking of the Titatnic?' The children had lots of fanstastic ideas and thoroughly enjoyed this topic!

This term, Oak class will be learning about the Victorians and exploring the enquiry 'How was a child's life in Victorian Britain different to mine now'?'


KS1 2022-2023:

Take a look at what they have all been up to last year:


History in KS2:

Ash and Sycamore Y3 / Y4 / Y5 

Ash and Sycamore learned all about the Stone Age to the Iron Age during the Autumn term linked with their prior learning of the Ancient Egyptians from last year. They focussed on the enquiry question 'Who would you rather be: A prehistoric Briton or an Ancient Egyptian?'. 

In the Spring term, Ash and Sycamore will be exploring the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings to help them discuss the enquiry question 'How well did the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings get along with each other and what was life really like in Britain at this time?'

Maple Y6

In the Autumn Term, Maple also learned about an Ancient civilisation and explored the enquiry question 'How did the Ancient Greeks impact our world today?' Below you can see Year 6 using their inference skills to wonder what the artefacts were and what they could tell them about the past:

This term Maple class are learning about World War II and will be disussing the enquiry question 'The Blitz: All we need to know about World War II?'

KS2 2022-2023

This is what KS2 have been up to: