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    Design and Technology                                       Subject Leader - Miss H Hawley

Subject Documents:

D&T Intent, Implementation and Impact D&T Progression of Skills D&T Long Term Plan 

D&T in KS1

In EYFS, Design and Technology is covered through continuous provision. Elm and Birch are exploring the natural world around them from apples to hedgehogs to ladybirds. The children are always busy being creative and experimenting with the tools around them:


This year we are starting the Kapow scheme of work for Design and Technology.

Willow class begun the term by making smoothies! They have explored different fruits and tasted them to see which will be best to use. They then explored structures and made a windmill and they are now just completing their unit on mechanisms by creating their own pop-up book!

Oak class learned about mechanisms during the first half term. They have explored different materials to help them to create a design of a Ferris wheel and aimed to build one that is strong and stable, rotates and will hold 6 pods. In their cooking and nutrition unit they designed and made a healthy, balanced wrap. They aimed to use diary, protein and vegetables! Oak class are now completing their textiles unit, they have learned to sew a running stitch and cut out the materials they need to sew a pouch!


D&T in KS2

In KS2, Ash class have begun this term with textiles, using cross stitch and appliqué  to create a cushion. In their structures unit they researched and designed their own castle to build from a 3-D shape net. Ash class have just completed their cooking and nutrition unit and used chopping skills and demonstrated excellent food hygiene when prepping and cooking their seasonal pies:

Sycamore class began with their mechanisms unit to make their own slingshot car using wooden dowels, wheels and paper for the body of the car. In their  textiles unit they designed and made a book cover using sewing skills to join the fabric and evaluated whether their creations met their design criteria. 

Maple class have designed their own playground games and thought about the materials they will need to create a strong and sturdy piece of equipment: